About us

Bam Bam Bar and Restaurant’s philosophy is all about quality, simplicity and cooperation. Our menus are uncomplicated and delicious. We serve Bali’s best fried chicken and vegan comfort food accompanied by a carefully curated choice of beverages.


This simple philosophy extends to our choice in music and entertainment with our point of difference being we are exclusively a vinyl record bar. We aim to be a unique venue that encourages and nurtures the growing vinyl collector and DJ scene that is blooming in Bali.

We are working with numerous eco-positive agencies and socially responsible charities to be both low impact on Bali’s environment and to support local community. We recycle our waste through EcoBali and our organics with Urban Compost. Terra Water supplies our water filters. The Bali Street Mums Project provide us with drinking glasses through their recycled bottle program. 

We work with Yayasan Lengis Hijau to recycle our cooking oil and turn it into bio diesel and get our free range and naturally fed chickens through Siap Bali.”